Similarities Between Odyssey And Aeneid

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Ghost figures in literature are usually metaphors for the past. In some cases their presence is not meant to haunt or terrify, but rather remind living characters of certain events or feelings, thus creating a link between the living and the dead. This link can provide insight for the living character. In both Homer’s, Odyssey and Vergil’s, Aeneid, the main characters are confronted by the ghost of people from their past. It is in these appearances were both, Odysseus and Aeneas, hear from their deceased loved ones and their contrasting views toward death.
In the passage from Homer’s, Odyssey, Odysseus meets the ghost of the hero Achilles. Achilles describes himself to be “lost” as he confronted by “the Fates.” The rulers of fate, he exclaims …show more content…

Creusa describes life after death to be filled with nothing but joy, splendor, happiness, while Achilles’ feels life after death to be gloomy and dreadful. They both however, make reference to the gods in their visits to their loved ones. Creusa explains to her husband that, “fates permit me not from hence to fly;
Nor he, the great controller of the sky.” She also ensures Aeneas that he, “ bear no more than what the gods ordain.” Achilles also notes the idea of worshipping gods both while living and dead, and the influence it may have.
The imagery in these encounters create a mysterious, dark, ominous type of mood. It seems that both Creusa and Achilles appear in the darkness of the night as pale, seemingly glowing figures. These appearances are brief but powerful, like a strong gust of wind. Despite such darkness and brevity, both Creusa and Achilles are not shocked or daunted by the appearance of their loved ones, but instead comforted.
In both Homer’s, Odyssey and Vergil’s, Aeneid, the presence of Creusa and Achille, create a link between the living and the dead. Despite Creusa and Achille conflicting views toward death, Odysseus and Aeneas given emotional guidance in coping with death and learning what life is like after

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