What Are The Causes Of The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American war began in 1898. This war was against America and Spain. The Spanish-American war ended the Spanish 's colonial rule over some part of America and other country 's. A problem that leads to the war was the Cuban 's were in dire need of independence from Spain. This started in February 1895. Spain started to punish those who started to rebel against them. Spain said they did not want to start a war on the 9th of April, at this time they also set up a program for Cuba to have limited power. The united states did not like this plan at all so the united states congress wanted the Spanish troops to leave Cuba alone so that Cuba could start their own independence. Spain did not like what the united states were doing so they decided to …show more content…

After the Treaty of Paris all of those country 's that were controlled by Spain got there independence. The Spanish american war was just like the American revolution. America was under the rule of England so America fought for there freedom. Soon America was there own country. This American Revolution was very similar to the Spanish American war. Both of these wars were fought for a country 's freedom. History really does repeat itself. There is some background information on how Spain actually took over some parts of the world. This goes way back to 1492 where Spain was the first European country to actually sail across the Atlantic ocean going westward. By doing this the Spanish colonized different parts of the western hemisphere. This allowed the Spanish to expand from Virginia all across the eastern parts of the United states. The Spanish went across the Pacific ocean to a lot of the islands including the Philippines. By 1825 a lot of the empire was taken by other country 's but Spanish did keep hold of what they had. The conturys that the Spanish still had were " Cuba and Puerto Rico and across the Pacific in Philippines Islands, and the Carolina, Marshall, and Mariana Islands (including Guam) in

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