Similarities Between Ted Bundy, Lamar Johnson And The Zodiac Killer

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The definition of justice is “just behavior or treatment”, a synonym would be “fairness” or “equity”. Although this is the definition of justice, these words do not come to mind in many serial killer cases. Some cases, such as the Ted Bundy, Lamar Johnson, and the Zodiac killer, the victims never received equity or fairness due to the hints waisted and unsolved suspects.
In the 1970s women were being murdered from college campuses in many states. This serial killer was Ted Bundy. Bundy admitted to the rape and murder of thirty women but it is estimated that the number was closer to one hundred. Bundy would often wear crutches and pretend to be cripple then ask a young woman for help getting something into his car. He would then hit her over …show more content…

Now, roughly 50 years later the case of the Zodiac is still unsolved. The Zodiac claimed to have killed five people. He would kill his victims usually by stabbing. Following the murders the Zodiac killer would call the police and report the murder and taunt them. To prove that he was in fact the Zodiac killer, he would mention things that only the murderer or detectives would know. He would write letters to San Francisco newspapers, including The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle and Vallejo Times-Herald. The letters would be written in code and he would threaten to kill more people if the newspaper offices did not publish the letters he sent them. This is how he struck fear into the citizens of the United States. A letter the Zodiac wrote after the murder of a taxi driver, Paul Stine, mentioned that his next target would be a school bus. He said he would shoot the tire of the school bus and “pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.” Each letter ended with the Zodiacs signature sign, a circle with a cross through it. Many associated this symbol similar to that of a scope on a gun. The police department had a few suspects, but could not prove that any of them were the Zodiac killer.In 1974 the letters stopped and was marked inactive in 2004. The case has been reopened since 2007 but there has been little to no progress with solving the

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