Similarities Between Where The Mountain Meets The Moon And Gilgamesh The Hero

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Have you ever thought you had to do something just to prove a point? In the novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin and the novel Gilgamesh the Hero by Geraldine McCaughrean, it shows that the main characters go through some challenging times. These books show the differences and similarities between the two totally different main characters in each book, to show Universal Theme. Universal Theme is something that ties all people together no matter who they are or where they live. It is also, a way to show people what and who you are. You never have to go on a journey to figure out the real you and what's valuable to you both text explain that in the mood, characterization, and the overall plot.

The mood is a big part of the theme of two stories because it shows you what both characters are feeling. In the novel Where the Mountain Meets the Moon it states that Minli, the main character, was gloomy that her mother was upset because they didn't have good fortune. Nothing ever good has ever …show more content…

In the book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon it says that when Minli went to look for the Old Man of the Moon, she met many friends who were a major part in the theme. Also, in the book Gilgamesh the Hero it says that Gilgamesh went on a mad journey because of Enkidu's death to become immortal. Both of these novels show that when the plot had a twist that the theme had to change with it. If these major events never happened than the theme would be a lot different from what it is now. If Gilgamesh never went on his journey then he would have never learned his lesson and none of the later events would have happen, the same thing with Minli. If she never went to change her fortune, then she would have never met Dragon or Da-a-Fu, or learn about the Green Tiger. The Plot is one of the most important pieces to the theme that's one way to determine the

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