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Sikhism's number one and universal belief is that there is one universal God for all beings in our universe, a creator that you can reach out through meditation and love in Gods name. In addition, Mr. Dougharity why should you convert to Sikhism? Why not! you do not have to change you every day life to convert. Because Sikhism is a fairly new religion it only makes up a fairly small bit of india's population. About 2% of the population are Sikhs. Sikhs are highly visible in india's large population for their strong work ethic. Sikhs are encouraged and welcome to have normal lives, earn their living through hard work and honest means, like In your case to being a teacher, you do not have to change your everyday life drastically, and everyone…show more content…
But sikhs also have a strong belief in reincarnation. By one being good and living a life without sin and living life honestly, Sikhs are rewarded by merging with god in heaven. Sikhs tend to stay away from blind rituals, like sacrificing, pilgrimages, etc.. In a way its a religion that merges different bits and pieces from other religions into one. The sikhs also follow a life choice of the The Five Ks, these are the five things they either dress and or physically change in their appearance these rules were given to them by Guru Gobind Singh .These symbols give Sikhs a unique style to show their spirituality and their belief in god.The Sikh scripture is a book called the Guru Granth Sahib. Gobind Singh, decreased their would be no living gurus. The granth would be the first and only guru. The one and only leader. Sure, the original gurus could be considered the leaders of Sikhism. Guru Nanak's declared and described Earth as a dharmsal established by god within the universe. This word is made up of dharma. this meaning religious, moral, and social obligation. And sal, which denotes a place of abode. Meaning citizens should practice dharma, all human beings should engage themselves in in righteous actions and behavior in order to create a social order. They are expected to show dharma through social responsibility, meaning live life…show more content…
Imagine the possibilities. You will finally be equal with those around you no one is above anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a teachers salary or a doctor you will be equal. Sikhism focuses on worship of god not obstacles. Your don’t have to go to church to be close to god, you just pray in your very own home. Anywhere where you love god is a perfect place for prayer. Sikhism is about forgiving sure we all make mistakes in life that is why you will be reincarnated if you make mistakes until you too can be one with god.Think about long and hard, with christianity and all these major religions what would you get a religion that is full of hate and discrimination. Such as gay right, in sikhism an individual is free to take whatever beliefs and choices he/she makes never will you be judged. Sikhism is a open hearted religion that would except anyone. And in converting to sikhism you are going to find true happiness. in modern day life one believes that you will find happiness with money and riches but sikhism helps you find your internal happiness through god. And sikhism not only makes you happier it makes you a hard worker. it builds your character because you want to improve social justice by improving yourself. Mr. Dougharity, sikhism would make you an all happier and better

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