Slavery Was The Main Cause Of The American Civil War

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“The American Civil War” Slavery was the main cause of the American Civil War, which had a huge influence on the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century. The American Civil War, which ended slavery in the country, is regarded as the bloodiest and deadliest conflict in the nation's history. Seven hundred fifty thousand people lost their lives as a result of this war. The American War lasted four years from April 12, 1861, through April 9, 1865. The American Civil War was a war in which competent political management, the capacity to generate economic power, and the capacity of a society to persevere in the face of losses were as important to the conclusion as the outcome of particular battles. (Foner 396) The American Civil War …show more content…

Slavery was a problem that caused more and more tension in the United States and for which the country made the most efforts to find a solution. (Hall 163) Due to sectionalism and the separation of states that resulted, problems between free and slave states were caused, and the Missouri Compromise became a point of contention. The Northern states desired to eliminate slavery and were concerned that slavery would give the South more political influence. With the Missouri Compromise, sectional tension between the Northern and Southern states increased. The Missouri Compromise was the cause of issues with economic practices, cultural ideals, and the presence of slavery in American culture. As a result, the Missouri Compromise was unsuccessful because Southerners disagreed with the notion that Congress should set the standards for laws relating to slavery, while Northerners opposed the law that allowed slavery to spread into new territories and later gave rise to the Compromise of 1850. The Fugitive Slave Act, which was a result of the Compromise of 1850, ended the slave trade in Washington, D.C. The establishment of a border between Texas and the United States as part of California's admission as a "free state" was also made …show more content…

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln ran for senator but lost to Stephen A. Douglas. Yet, Lincoln developed a national reputation as a result of his debate with Douglas, which helped him win the Republican nomination for president in 1860. Slavery and state rights were the key election-related issues. Lincoln shaped the Republican Party into a potent force. On his political position, Lincoln opposed the spread of slavery in the territories. The direct cause of the commencement of the Civil War was his election. Lincoln refused to ratify any resolution that would have led to the South's secession from the Union once he had been elected president. The first president for whom the party put out a presidential candidate was Abraham Lincoln. The Republican Party had a convention where it declared that it opposed slavery and its spread, but other delegates wanted the practice outlawed simultaneously. Slavery was a contentious subject in the Democratic Party between the north and the south. Democrats in the North opposed the expansion of slavery, while Democrats in the South supported it. Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaign and speeches were viewed as part of his effort to keep the Republican party together. Lincoln was able to lead the United States during the Civil War due to his skills and the circumstances around him. The Union was held together by weak strands, and they were

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