Creative Writing: Eden And Sleep Walk

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“Eden/Sleep Walk” The sunset was almost unreal; it was such an ethereal experience to one’s eyes. The dazzling glare of the sun filled the car with a red hue as the two entities never spoke, never moved, never looked. The stained steering wheel clamped onto the hands of the man driving as he softly sank into his worn out seat. The man then directed his eyes towards the passenger whose face glowed with the vibrant red. She seemed enchanted by the scenery of the view outside the car window. On the other hand, The driver paid no attention to the passing of trees, grass, or sky as he only chose to be fixated on his wife. “Ann?” She replied with a simple, “huh?” “You okay, honey?” “Of course Dennis,” She exclaimed, Why?” “Just,” He paused for a second while collecting his thoughts. “Doesn’t it bother you. Seeing this road, I mean---” “What’s so wrong with it, It’s so beautiful outside. Are you that blind?” She playfully remarked with a snicker. “No of course not, it’s just every Sunday it’s the same thing. Wake up, go to church, listen to the pastor rant about the Garden of Eden for the 47th time. It’s just all so---” “Boring” “Exactly.” “It’s not so bad, Dennis you’re overreacting.” Ann …show more content…

The sky just dark enough to let the stars shine into the eyes of all who stared. The homeless would even play melodies of jazz and lively blues. This was the street fair of 92’ alright. Of course, Dennis was holding hands with the prettiest girl at the fair. He was dazzled each time he saw the green nature in her eyes; it was impossible to believe that a color so pure could be accompanied by a woman with auburn locks. Dennis however, felt insecure about his looks. Uncomfortable in the vibrant carnival lights and exhausted from all the tedious activities, he suggested a stroll out on the pier to simply talk and enjoy each others company. On their

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