Poverty In The United States

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Poverty is when people cannot satisfy their basic needs, such as food and water. This gives us an idea of how bad their situation can lead to. Imagine people your age not having a place to live in, so they just sleep wherever they can, or imagine that children are sleeping with empty stomachs, almost starving, while you have so much food that you can’t even choose which one to eat now and which one to keep for later . There are many factors that make a country poorer than others. Some factors are caused by the people who live in that country, while other factors are due to the actual resources the country has, the economy of the country, and even social inequality. Another factor that could have a greater impact on poverty could be the physical …show more content…

Inequality is as bad for the rich as it is for the poor. Society is poorer as inequality becomes greater. (Friedman, 2011) The impacts of inequality shows up in poorer health, lower educational attainment, higher crime rates, lower spending of social capital, lower cooperation with and trust of government. (Friedman, 2011) On the other hand, inequality can also mean uneven distribution of wealth, which causes the poor to become even poorer. Poverty, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, preventable disease, polluted air and water, and most of the other ills that beset humanity, have the same root cause: the inequitable distribution of planet’s wealth and resources. (All social and economic problems caused by an unfair distribution of wealth, 2003) The world actually holds enough to satisfy everybody’s needs, but unfortunately the world’s wealth is not distributed in the best possible way. There is a system in which 400 billionaires own more wealth than the poorest two-and-a-half billion people, and the proponents of this grossly inequitable system see nothing wrong with it. They would not object if eventually 600 billionaires owned more wealth than 90% of the rest of humankind. (All social and economic problems caused by an unfair distribution of wealth, 2003) If almost all of the world’s wealth is in the hands of the rich, then how will we end poverty? People who have all this money should either donate it or use it in an efficient way. For example, they could hire a few poor people to work in their houses, working building or many other places. In this way the money could reach to the poor in a way that the rich can also benefit from

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