Social Injustice In Social Justice

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Social justice is a significant issue in the world today because of the rising diversity in nations. Two types of social injustice that get under my skin are gender inequality and racism. Being a world traveller I see these injustices in many forms and magnitudes.
Being a young women, especially in today’s world, I am aware of how far women’s right have come, but also how much farther it must go. Since the eighteenth century women have been seeking rights and even three hundred years later women are still searching for pay equal as a man’s. Although a big part of gender equality is rights, respect is another immense part. India is not particularly known for having a reputation of respect towards women. Living here I have experienced catcalling, groping, and more.
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From slavery to very few lead roles on TV shows and movies, there has always been a disadvantage to being darker. You would think that the world would finally grasp that no matter what color someone is, they are still a person. Yet, almost every week there is a news story of an unarmed black man being shot or peaceful protest taken out by teargas and guns. As I am not a person of color I cannot specifically explain what it is like to be discriminated for my skin shade, I can explain the pain that it causes me to hear about it in the news. To know that there are people in this world that will discriminate someone because of race is horrifying. Also the fact that many of the people hurting others are based on this are people from my own race, pains me even more. Racism is a significant issue to me because I cannot imagine the amount of suffering that people of color undergo by being alive. Although there has been improvements on social inequality and racism have been made, there is still so much more influence that has to be made on the world. We are not just making laws or regulations, we have to change complete mindsets of
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