Social Media Effect On Teenagers

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Social media can have many different effects on people but the ones who are mostly affected are teenagers and adolescents since they are the ones who use social networks most frequently and at the same time they are more mentally vulnerable. A report published by Common Sense Media shows that 75% of all teenagers (13-17 years old) in America have profiles on different social networking websites and 68% of which say that Facebook is their main tool for social networking (Ramasubbu, 2015). Some of the risks that social networking can have on adolescents and teenagers include difficulties regarding self-regulation and ability to stand up to peer pressure, cyber bullying and a new phenomenon called Facebook depression which is when someone develops depression by spending a lot of time on social medias, like Facebook. Extensive use of social networks can also result in obesity, sleep deprivation and Internet-addiction (Ramasubbu, 2015) (The American Academy of Pediatrics, 2011). Statistics show that around 42% of adults who use the Internet, also use multiple different social networking websites and even though the majority of users on social media sites are under 30 years old, the number of older users is rising. For example around 45% of the Internet users who are 65 or older now use Facebook which is an increase from the 35% in 2012 (Whiteman, 2015). This also means that there are a lot of consequences that affect older people and not just teenagers, for example it can have a

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