Social Media Is A Negative Influence Essay

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I remember a time when I was asked to do a chore. My dad said I can listen to music on my phone if I wanted to, since my phone was taken away. Obviously, I decided to listen to music while doing the chore. When I was choosing a song, I was about to put my phone away then I saw some notifications. Then I got absorbed into other things like YouTube, Skype, etc... I constantly kept reminding myself to continue doing the chore. Whenever I continued I heard my phone vibrate and I kept wandering back to it. Then by the time I was done it took me more than an hour just to finish the chore, while I was going on my phone. This is an idea on how social media can be a negative influence on our lives. For example, your future can be decided by what you post on social media, it can be distracting, and these platforms can be unhealthy.

First, social media can be harmful to society. For instance, your future can be decided just by what you post publicly. Additionally, MySecureCyberspace, "Think Time: Teens and Social Networks" Jun 12 2012 declares "69% rejected a …show more content…

Furthermore, Improvement Pill, "5 Ways Social Media Screws You Over" Sept 29 2016 states, "It's designed to be addictive." In other words, it can be addictive for everyone. Instead of going outside when it is nice, we probably do not even think about going outside. We probably just keep sitting or laying down while scrolling down our feed being annoyed that the sun is in our face. For kids this can make them less active and it can make them obese. Additionally, it can hurt your social skills(Improvement Pill). Thus, this can hurt everyone's social skills. Instead of talking to people, we are texting them. That does not benefit our social skills. Also, kids and teens need social skills for when they make friends, get a job, when they go to school, etc... It would be embarrassing for them to not know what to say in a situation like

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