Personal Narrative: My Social Work Education

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Paragraph 1: I am intrinsically motivated to (extend or persist in) my social work education due to my difficult upbringing and my moral obligation to my community. In my (early days), I saw a heavy deal of instability. While my parents were hardworking, they often were unable to manage their finances. Our household was (driven) from our household many times due to eviction and lived in hotels or temporarily settled with relatives. I was uprooted repeated and this directly affected my academic performance, my social skills, and my ability to trust others. As a child, I attended 5 different elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools.
Once I learned about children coming into the foster care system during my (undergrad level) …show more content…

I (started) my career as a Sexual Abuse Investigator for the Department of Child and Family Services for the State of Arizona. I worked jointly with state and federal law enforcement investigating reports of abuse and neglect against children. During my employment with the state, I completed countless forensic interviews and (established) critical, life-changing decisions for children in care. (Furthermore,) I dealt with combative parents, bureaucracy with the legal system, and victimized children with unsurpassed resilience. I removed children from their homes and placed them in safer spaces. Although this position was incredibly stressful, my (line of work) was one of the most rewarding positions I have ever …show more content…

As a professional Social Worker, I am morally and ethically obligated to serve my community through advocacy, awareness of relevant resources, and a passion for helping others within its best possibility. I aspire to share this love for social work through properly training subordinates and combating cynicism in the field with passion, support, and the value of the human spirit. I am fully (devoted) to obtaining my graduate degree, earning an independent license, and anticipate staying in the social work realm for the rest of my life. In order to advance as a respected clinician(,) I require the backing of an award-winning institution such as Louisiana State University. My new education will allow me to align with the LSU’s mission statement to “solve economic, environmental, and social challenges” within the social work

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