Sociological Term Deviance Research Paper

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The sociological term deviance, refers to any violations of norms such as crimes. Deviance can be used in a nonjudgmental way to any act which people respond negatively. Being deviant doesn't often mean that a person of such must do anything, this is called stigma. A sociologist named Erving Goffman, uses the term stigma to relate to characteristics that made individuals look bad. Stigmas can express an individual's feeling, or emotions by their appearance. People with stigmas often have facial features for example, birthmarks, and body features that look out of the norm. If it wasn’t for having norms in this society that we live in today, we would have social mayhem. Social order is something that can be caused by norms which means, a group’s …show more content…

In my life seeing deviance happening all around the world, shows that there's no peace. Having crimes of such doesn’t stop the fact that people are always going to disobey the rules of the society. Sociologist to this day still are trying to answer the question about deviance. Why is deviance happening? Or what can we do to stop this madness? I believe in the future of society, maybe people will find a way to stop deviance. Having the thought of deviance being gone in a society such as crime we would be better off without it. Sociologist Emile Durkheim made a remarkable conclusion, or theory that having deviance is functional for a society. Deviance Can contribute to the social order in three ways clarifying moral boundaries and affirms norms, encouraging social unity, and promoting social change. Durkheim refers to having moral boundaries and affirms, how people should think and act. Deviance can challenge these specific …show more content…

Major crimes of such can cause the death penalty to be taken place for example, murder. Sociologist concludes that the death penalty can show social class bias. For example, when watching or hearing the local news you may encounter a person being sentenced to “death penalty”. Most of the time that person is in the lower social class of society. Statistics show that it is extremely rare to see a wealthy person, that’s in the upper social class being sentenced to death. More than half of the percentage of death penalties are from people that lack high school education. In the United States of America, states may not approve of the death penalty act. The state that I’m currently living in approves of the death penalty. Most of the states of the U.S that approve of the death penalty is located along the west, southern part of the country. I’m a foreign believer of the death penalty act, since if you take someone’s life then the decision should cost your own. My experiences of hearing about the death penalty act from local friends, makes me a strong believer about the penalty. We need to encourage others that are in need for help to do positive accomplishments in life. New laws of the U.S should be occurring due to the fact about the death rate enormous amount of

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