Sociology In Modern Society

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I would like to begin this essay by agreeing with the above statement. Sociology began in the 19th century in order to try understand the movement from a traditional society to a modern society. In sociology we study the ideas and opinions of Karl Marx. His ideas along with many others are still relevant in the world today. Sociology is defined as “the scientific study of human life, social groups, whole societies and the human world such as.” It is a fascinating subject as it studies the way in which we behave as human beings. The majority of people fail to recognise that there is more to our lives than just our families, friends…show more content…
For example, if it were not for sociology we would be unable to distinguish the difference between the way the poor people act compared to the wealthy people or even the average human being. Sexual orientation relates to the direction of ones sexual attraction. The most common sexual orientation is humans being hetero-sexual. This involves the male gender having sexual attractions towards females and the females having sexual attractions towards males. However, many more sexual orientations exist in modern society. Homosexuality involves one sex (male or female) having sexual attractions towards it own sex. Modern society regards homosexual males as being ‘gay’ while homosexual females are known as being ‘lesbian’. The bisexual (or bi as its known for short) also exists in modern society. Bisexual is the term used to describe an individual who has sexual attractions towards both males and…show more content…
The term homosexual was originated in the 1860s, and from this time, homosexuals were regarded as being distinct types of people, with a specific sexual aberration. Reference 627 Homosexuality was almost thought of as a medical problem. Homosexuals were categorised with people such as paedophiles. However, in recent years homosexuals have been welcomed into the modern society more and more as we can see from the yes vote of the same-sex referendum which was mentioned previously. Sociology has led our generation and our recent previous generations especially to think about the situation of homosexuality. Our society seems to have begun to understand the situation and also led us to accepting it. Sociology is a factor which made this society think about the everyday lives and happiness of homosexuals and not just

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