Song Analysis Of Stressed Out By Twenty-One Pilots

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The song “Stressed Out” by Twenty-One Pilots demonstrates the change that people experience as they grow up. It gives the audience a nostalgic feeling that they know they can’t escape. Throughout the song, Twenty-One Pilots connects with an audience that have desperately wished to go back in time but find it impossible. The duo, Tyler Joseph and Josh Don, do this through the lyrics, melody, and harmony. At the beginning of the song, the constant and steady melody of the drums help to emphasize on how the song makers want to become better people but feel restrained. During the first verse, Joseph’s voice is calm like he doesn’t have a care in the world when really he’s worried of judgement and this makes him insecure. The audience relates…show more content…
The lyrics that Twenty-One Pilots use are straightforward, but it’s the message underneath that makes it special. By doing this, it helps the audience connect more to the song. The duo would talk about how they “used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face saying ‘Wake up you need to make money.’” This shows the transition of how people are careless when they are young but as they grow up, it all changes. When people get older the government is breathing down their necks demanding that they do taxes and their family members are also demanding that they get jobs. The duo uses lines that connect to the audience as these situations happen to everyone at a point in their life. They would use lines such as “out of student loans and tree-house homes we all would take the latter.” This line is very relatable as there is that point in high school where the college mania takes control of people’s minds like a plague and many depend on paying for college with student loans. The line also creates a mood of wistfulness as the audience would think back to the time where they played in their tree-houses and having to leave that for college and student loans. Twenty-One pilots also use phrases such as “we would build a rocket ship and then we’d fly it far away” that sends a message that all they want to do is escape the mess that has become their life. The lyrics used connects to the audience by showing the stark
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