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Abstract—Boiler is a powerhouse of any process industry. Formation of scale and soot in boilers is still a great concern to increase the efficiency of the boiler. This paper presents a method for the soot blowing automation in a boiler using PLC. The important parameter to be monitored in each steam generator is the thermal efficiency or the heat rate. These parameters are influenced by many factors, including the boiler design, control strategy, fuel quality, operating conditions etc. Soot, ash, and slag deposit (fouling) on the individual heat exchange surfaces affects the heat transfer between the flue gas and steam. It is necessary to clean the surfaces of boiler tubes periodically, in order to avoid the negative effect of fouling. The…show more content…
After passing through the turbine the steam losses its pressure. Then a part of low pressured steam from the turbine is directly passed to the boiler and the remaining part of the steam is given to the blower system. From this blower system the steam is then passed to the economizer, boiler bank and super heater pipes. A soot blower may be operated manually or by a remotely controlled motor. The soot, which is removed from the heating surfaces, will be blown out with the flue gases. If the boiler is equipped with a dust collector, it will trap the soot. Otherwise, the soot will be ejected in to the outside air through the chimney stack. C.Drawback of Existing System The traditional and manually controlled methods available for the removal of ash deposition at present are the following 1. To blow away the ash fouling, high pressure and high temperature steam is used. 2. According to the predefined sequences and a fixed schedule, a number of soot blowers are continuously initiated. Soot blower which are

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