South Carolina Police Brutality Case Study

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The state of South Carolina has followed the nation’s trend of increasing police brutality against minority groups. African Americans are the most targeted minority for police brutality. The first official slave patrol was formed in South Carolina and was a prelude to the modern police department. The fact that modern police departments has its roots in what was a racist practice of monitoring and beating African American slaves into submission or preventing the escape of slaves from their white owners it is not a stretch for a modern South Carolinian police department to have retained a racist attitude. There have been several instances of law enforcement officers being accused and convicted for abusing their power. In April 2013 two cops…show more content…
Officer Michael Slager did use deadly force, but it was not necessary. Walter Scott was fleeing, however, he did not possess a weapon and was not facing the officer or anybody else. According to the video taken by a bystander, Scott never had the officer’s stun gun and was shot at nearly eight times before he finally fell to the ground dead. Officer Michael Slager reported on his radio minutes after the shooting, Shots fired in the subject is down. He took my taser. The video shows that Scott did not have swagger stun gun, but was staged just prior to being and being shot at. After shooting Scott down, Officer Sager is shown picking something up from the ground and dropping it down next to Scotts body. Falsified police reports are yet another sign of police brutality and subsequent guilt. Unfortunately the officer’s report was not the only one falsified. A second policeman reports giving Walter Scott CPR and First Aid. This report is contradicted by the video. None of the officers are shown to have administered first aid or CPR to Scott at
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