Personal Narrative: My Journey To The Door

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It was not just a nightmare .. A loud noise coming from outside, someone was knocking on the door really fast and loud. It was a extremely loud noise, i was scared to open the door because i was not sure who was at the door. Someone started screaming i got closer to the door and said, "Hello, is someone there?" i asked, "Yes, it's me your aunt Anita, please open the door i have a bad news that i need to tell you." Rapidly i open the door, i was not expecting to hear the bad news that my grandma had passed away. It was one of the saddest news i ever heard, i felt like my heart has just broke into a lot of pieces, my hands where shaking really bad, i couldnt even talk right. My grandma was a huge part of life, and hearing that bad news of her did not made me happy at all. Everytime I would go to mexico I would see her, as soon as i would get there she would be waiting for me with food prepare and my favorite pineapple…show more content…
When we where on the way there, a lot of people started gathering and walking behind the hearse all the way to the cemetery. It was a long way to arrived to the cemetery, when we got there i could see many different people that knew my grandma there, it was really nice seeing how many people admirer my grandma and loved her as much as i did. As soon as the undertakers took out my grandma coffin from the hearse i ran and started touching the coffin which made me feel close to my grandma, i couldnt help but to cry, i could feel my heart beating fast, i was not able to stop crying. My grandma death had been a huge pain in my heart, i was not ready to tell my grandma the last goodbye, it was extremely hard for me because she was like my second mother to me. Unexpectedly i started feeling dizzy, everything was spinning around me, i was feeling like throwing up, my sister tried to give me water to drink but i was not able to drink it, the water tasted

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