Sports Law: The Role Of Racial Discrimination In Sports

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Sports law is relevant to the administration of sport and a person’s participation in sport whether they play at amateur, professional or international level. The issues that can arise from sporting activity can involve aspects of other types of law such as contract law and criminal law. In general, parliament and the other courts do not make sporting rules and they do not resolve sporting disputes. These decisions are left to a sport’s association. Although, parliament and the courts may decide to make a new law or resolve a dispute when the sporting issue or activity involves criminal behavior or the contravention of individual rights. This could when the parliament passes laws related to match fixing in sport.

The sporting associations
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The equal opportunity act 2010 (Vic). Prohibits discrimination in sport except in certain circumstances. Discrimination in sport can have to do with sport, sport club and sports memberships, which are the most frequent ways of discrimination in sport. Racial abuse in sport in one of the most common discrimination in all sports throughout Australia, from local clubs to the highest of quality of sport throughout the country. The case that refers to Adam Goodes being racially called out during a football match has made the public view him as not a very nice person. As a young thirteen-year-old called Adam Goodes an “ape” during the 2013 home and away season against the Collingwood. This issue brought a lot of talk up against the racial abuse in the game of Australian Rules Football. Although Adam Goodes said that that what the girl said was very offensive, Goodes did not want to press charges of any kind “as [she] is only a young girl as does not understand what she said, and how it could be offensive to Goodes” reported the Herald Sun. This discrimination case showed how the AFL society is today. Although recently in the 2016 season, Eddie Betts had been hit with a banana by a Port Adelaide fan who also had implied that Betts was an “ape”. Although Betts and the general public did not react the same compared to Goodes’ case as it wasn’t that they were “booing” his because of his race, rather than the…show more content…
With Adam Goodes retiring from Australian Rules Football, due to the fact that he was racially abused by a young girl and had no respect from the crowd as they were booing him during a match. This caused a reaction in the media and made many local sport clubs more aware about the issue of discrimination in sport. Due to Adam Goodes being racially abused by a person in the public, there was a change in law, making racial vilification a law in

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