Stereotypes In High School-Personal Narrative

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“Hey guys, can I join the game? I didn’t know you guys were going to be on tonight. I found out you guys were going to be on tonight. I guess you guys forgot to let me know, haha. Right? ...Guys? Um, ya, sorry we are in the middle of a game right now and it’ll be a while so you should probably go do something. (BOOM BOOM ; sound of bullets and bombs from the video game console)
… oh ok, I guess I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow then, right?(desperately)
… (giggling) ya whatever’s dude.”

Jack Cadder is about as average as a teenager can get, 17 and desperate to fit in with the group in high school that is known as popular. His mother Janet is very strict about him getting good grades and not slacking. His father, Jeff on the
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Jack tries to make conversation and ask about their summers but gets the same result. He ends up just joining in on the laughter of someone else 's jokes. Jack starts to feel depressed on the inside and realizes that everything is going to be just like the other three years. NO! Jack says shaking his head, I still have football tryouts and I’m going to make it on the team this year and everyone for sure will know me then. The school bell rings and Jack confidently heads to class with a chip on his shoulder feeling good about himself.

The rest of the day goes well for Jack because no matter how bad things get he knows it’s all about to change soon. In the last class of the day all he can think about is how he’s going to woo the coaches into not only letting him on the team but starting him. “That boy right there, I want his name! Hes got talent and I want him to be my starting”- Jack for the fifth time, what is the theme in this story?!? said the teacher angrily. The bell rings and Jack apologizes and sprints down to the locker room, the whole time telling himself he can’t be late.

Five minutes from when
Jack steps on the field he is being dragged off while slowly gaining back conscious. He asks the trainer what happened and the trainer points over at a 6 foot beastly looking monster in pads who just leveled another kid

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