Stereotypes In Our Society Research Paper

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The Effects of Stereotypes on Modern Society Stereotypes can date back from the beginning of time. Stereotypes affect everyone, whether it is their gender, race , or age. Stereotypes are known to be everywhere, no matter where you are. People use stereotypes because it helps us identify them faster. When people are stereotypes, it can affect their performance and mood. Stereotypes are everywhere and affect everyone, and in can also affect someone’s performance. Stereotypes are known for labeling people worldwide and affect everyone. Stereotypes are used to label people with no real evidence. According to “Stereotypes, A Big Problem in Our Modern Society”, the author explains how stereotypes affect, For example, “It puts labels about how a person should act or live according to …show more content…

Personal experiences can lead to stereotypes. “Stereotyping, to us, is useful because we like to organize our thoughts by structuring and grouping thoughts.” according to (hubpages.com). Stereotyping is easier to use because it 's our first impression but stereotypes shouldn’t be used. “Stereotypes clear haziness, allowing us to determine whether or not we’re in that group.” Even though stereotypes are easy to use, it is an overly simplified picture of one person, which can lead to the person being narrow minded. The T.V shows and movies have a big contribution on showing these stereotypes. In the article “Why Stereotypes Are Bad” the author explains how the shows and movie show how one particular group acts. For example, “Seeing these stereotypes time and time again on television or in movies reinforce our belief in them.” Having no real idea how a group acts, the movies or T.V shows strengthen how a group acts in an oversimplified way. Also, the author explains “Stereotypes can be self-fulling.” By deciding to believe how a group acts, you are stereotyping anyone from that group. The causes of stereotypes are vast and can affect the health of

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