Stereotypes In The Classroom

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From the time our gender is revealed to our parents we are being stereotyped. Our rooms are decorated in pink fluffy fairies or in monster trucks and sports, our closets are filled with dressed galore or in blue dinosaurs. From that moment on we are taught that we are boy or girl and what we are supposed to like and how we are supposed to act. As we get older the way our families interact with us is different based on our sex, like games, extra activities, and chores. (Kendall 328) When I was younger I was always into sports and dressed in active gear, I always assumed it was because the only people in my neighborhood to play with were boys. As I got older I tried to dress like all the other girls and wear makeup and do my hair, it never really felt comfortable to me, but kids are mean and if you dressed different you were out casted. …show more content…

It wasn’t until I took this class for the first time that I realized that I was stereotyping my daughter. I would make comments about how she didn’t want to wear dresses anymore and how he use to let me do her hair and nails, who was I to criticize her when I don’t wear dresses, when unless it’s a work day I don’t wear makeup and my hair stays in a messy bun. I was pushing her into dance because I though she liked it but she was doing it to make me happy, her true calling is softball and she’s darn good at it. I was doing to her what all these other parents do to their kids. I have always been a firm believer that house hold chores were a family job, that men don’t have to do all the hard work and women don’t have to do all the cleaning. We have always split the chores, but I did step back and make sure I was designing the chore system in a fashion that was not gender

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