High School Stereotypes

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Growing up and going to school I have face some stereotypes with my education. The first stereotype people have judge me because how I speak, my writing skill and reading skills. Because I come from a Mexican background other people think and assume that I would never be successful in school. I was in a situation where I didn’t want to keep going to school because people that I thought would help me be successful in school would always tell me that school was not for me. My own family, teachers and even myself I would always think I was not good enough to keep going to school. Not knowing English growing up has affected me during my school years. People always use labels or categories me to describe how I dress, look, talk. Just because I …show more content…

Richard Rodriguez is a boy that wanted to study and read book everywhere he was. He wanted to get better in school and not have the stereotypes about people thinking just because his family is Mexican and doesn’t know English does not mean he will not do well in school. Growing up I wanted to always have good grades in school but because I didn’t understand English it was very hard for me to do good in school. I didn’t want people to think I was not good in school so I started to read more, I would stay more in school. When I was going to school I got some help from my teachers they would always help me read and write good. One of my teacher in college wanted to talk to me so I had to stay after she had told me that school was not for me. I was very mad and i had told myself that i was not going to give up. I would keep trying until everyone in school and even my family would see how I was getting better in school. Richard Rodriguez teaches had told him “Your parents must be very proud “ Sometime then they ask me how i managed it my success”pg 1 I think he didn't give his parents the chance to really be proud. He was selfish just thinking about his education and never thought about his parents. I would always do that i never had the time to till my parents how i was doing in school i only care about how i was doing in

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