Stevens Johnson Syndrome Research Paper

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Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Stevens Johnson syndrome is a serious condition that affects the skin and external linings (mucus membranes) of the body. It is usually associated with an abnormal response to some medicine you may have been taking for a few days, but fortunately, it is a rare condition. Common medicines that can cause Stevens Johnson syndrome include antibiotics, pain killers, and anticonvulsants.
Part 1: Symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS)
The common symptoms of Stevens-Johnson syndrome include:
• Swelling of the face
• Swelling of the tongue
• Hives
• Pain on the skin
• Skin rash that looks red or purple and spreads within hours or days
• Skin blisters, including mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, nose, and genitals
• Skin …show more content…

There are no specific treatments for Stevens Johnson syndrome, so patients are usually given symptomatic treatment only. These treatments do not differ from those given to patients suffering from extensive burns.
1. Infection Control
Stevens-Johnson syndrome increases your risk of infection. Therefore, reverse-isolation and sterile nursing techniques must be practiced to reduce your risk of acquiring infection.
In treating Stevens Johnson syndrome, you must avoid using silver sulfadiazine, which is often used in burn units. Use 0.05% chlorhexidine or 0.5% silver nitrate, another antiseptic, to paint the affected skin.
The use of antibiotics to prevent infection is not recommended, but they may be used in case you develop urinary tract or skin infections, which can lead to complications.
2. Supportive Care
Supportive Care Description
Skin Care • Debridement or removal of dead skin is necessary, followed by application of biologic …show more content…

• Covering the affected skin that has not peeled off with biologic dressings.
• Skin transplantation to reduce pain, minimize fluid loss, improve heat control, and prevent infection.
• Hyperbaric oxygen can be used to improve

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