Stop And Frisk: Discussion Of Stop And Frisk

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Stop and Frisk first came to be in 1968 after the supreme court of the United States ruled on the case of Terry v. Ohio. The court said that the work of police officer is dangerous and for this reason they need a flexible method to respond, which allow them to react base on information that they posses (DEL CARMEN, R. V. 2010). One stipulation that the courts made was that in order for an officer to stop question and frisk a person that officer needed to have at a minimum reasonable suspicion (DEL CARMEN, R. V. 2010).
In 1994 former Mayor Rudy Giuliani hired William J. Bratton for Police Commissioner of New York City. That same year Bratton implemented compstat, which brought an increase of departments implementing stop and frisk (Naspretto, E., 2012). Stop and frisk as it was implemented in New York City, allowed officers to stop and question ordinary people without any reasonable suspicions needed (Naspretto, E., 2012).
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Studies have shown that Hispanics were stopped 33%, and African-American were stopped 51%, despite only being 24% (Hispanics) and 26% (African-American) of the community (Gelman, A. et al, 2012). In the other hand Caucasians made up 43.4% of the population, but were only stop and frisk 12.9%(Gelman, A. et al, 2012).
Do to the disparity of who was stopped with the use of stop and frisk there were protest by unsatisfied civilians who saw the actions of the police as unfair and unjust. “On June 17, 2012 several thousand protester marched down Manhattan Fifth Avenue from lower Harlem to then Major Michael Bloomberg’s upper eastside townhouse” to protest the policy of the NYPD of stop question and frisk (Francesani, C.,

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