Strengths And Weaknesses Of Dabur India

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Weaknesses: Some weaknesses of a company or organisation are things that need to be improved or perform better,which can be controlled. Weaknesses are the things that place you down or behind your competitors and can stop you being able to meet objectives. This section will present the major weaknesses of Dabur India. • Reputation is important, and a damaged one too like of Dabur India’s is a major weakness as consumers can not trust the firm enough to spend money with them. • Low quality product/ service in the fact is a serious weakness for Dabur India, meaning people can have better-quality substitutes. • Constant prices or not reducing costs in the same way as their competitors ' means Dabur India is outlaying more of their profits. Having higher costs than competitors is also a major weakness. • R&D work of Dabur India is low and insignificant, which is a major weakness in fmcg asit is constantly keeps creating new products. • Staff ‘s experience lack is a major downfall for Dabur India as it could lead to mistakes or negligence and other problems. • Old technologies hold Dabur India back and limits their success, as other firms are making better use and more reliable technologies and methods. • Marketing strategy is not effective which seriously hampers the success of Dabur India. • Setting too high prices,over prices of Dabur India products/services makes them uncompetitive, which is a major weakness too. • Another major weakness of Dabur India, is the lack of
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