Strengths And Weaknesses Of Literature Review

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CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE SURVEY AND RESEARCH ________________________________________ 2.1 INTRODUCTION A literature review can be viewed as a scholarly paper which involves present knowledge, findings, theoretical, methodological and mathematical contributions to a particular area or topic. It does not involve any new experimental work rather it uses previously done work by the researchers. According to authors (Shields and Rangarajan, 2013) difference between the processes of reviewing the literature and a finished work or product is known as a literature review. Literature review requires various activities and ways of thinking. Performing literature review requires recognition, retrieval and collection of research. During this period of research various books, articles, dissertations and various other things are searched and read. The kind of material you collect and how much it is related to your research is an important and crucial thing. Understanding the collected literature is also an important thing because the literature could have new and complex terminologies and frameworks that are difficult to understand. An important thing is to see the strengths and weaknesses of methodologies, theories and finding of literature that the researcher has collected and read. 2.2 LITERATURE SURVEY AND REVIEW According to authors (Kodhai. E et. al, 2010) the combination of textual and metric analysis of a source code can be used for
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