Strict Gun Laws In America

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I believe it is very important for each state to have strict gun laws regarding who can purchase guns. Considering the fact that it is so easy to purchase a firearm in America, guns are constantly being bought legally and sold to people in the streets illegally. It is these guns that are being sold into the streets that are being used for armed robberies and other malicious crimes. I am a firm believer in the second amendment and as an American citizen I appreciate the fact that I have the right to bear arms. I have come to the conclusion that it is vital that each state make it harder for people with mental issues, veterans with PTSD, and other people that can be considered as a menace to society to purchase firearms. When state laws fail…show more content…
The beginning of our U.S. Constitution starts with, "We the people," and that alone tells us how much power we have as citizens of the United States of America. Government officials and the people in office play major roles in changing and improving gun laws, but it is also up to the people to come together and form a voice. I believe if the people took a stand a lot more progress in making America safer would come about. As American citizens, we have the power to come together and develop ideas in which we can write up bills and laws. Taking advantage of our right to assemble, and our freedom to come together and mold laws within America is something that all Americans should be grateful for. You as an individual can help to improve the safety of Americans by getting involved with the communities and even educating yourself on issues with guns and gun…show more content…
I believe it is vital that we stop selling guns to people who scratch off serial numbers and sell them into the streets. Furthermore, I believe that small steps in improving gun laws will go a long way. If the American people can come together and agree that our second amendment is amazing and a powerful tool in times of need but a power that should be taken serious with many proper precautions, we can advance in the digression of gun violence in America. Getting involved with your community and learning about the effects of gun violence can help by changing things within your life, spreading to the lives of others. The best people have said you have to be the change you want to see in the world. Respecting the Bill of Rights, but protecting the people from others who want to do bad with weapons seems like a hard task, but if the people come together, above all things gun violence will hopefully decrease. Though we can make new laws, and strict laws, again, there will always be bad apples on the tree and when we can accept that and move past it preparing for those bad apples, progress will
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