Persuasive Essay: It's Time To Stop Gun Violence

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Gun violence poses a serious threat around the world, teens and adults have constant reminders of the threat. with one sound pop pop of gunshots to losing a loved one in your life, with more lives being affected and more problems and concerns gun violence becomes a very big problem, but how does gun violence affect us and the environment? how did it influence us and how to solve the problem.
Gun violence is something very serious, and can have a deep impact on everyone, this includes depression, anxiety, stress and so many more. ages ago gun violence had issues and threats but not even close to today. with more lives affected on regular basis and more people getting a hold on guns the problem will only become worse. Decades ago gun violence was becoming an issue but it is nothing close compared to what is going on in today’s society. while there are deaths, issue sad and pointless actions long time ago, it does not happen so common as today, but people will say can’t we just take away guns and it will be much better? they have a good point but getting rid of guns will not solve the problem completely. It may seem like a small problem to people …show more content…

with many indications to stopping people from gun violence will help the world. we should also prevent a child from watching violence as it can lead to aggression and problems as they do not really understand what is happening so it is very easy for them to make wrong actions and that’s how gun violence happens so often. finally, to end this off we can all contribute to the solution by helping everyone. stopping bullying at school doing fun activities and staying away from violence, if the world can eliminate most of the gun violence am sure any problems can be fixed if the world knows and

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