Students Lack Creativity In Education

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In the twenty-first century, we will meet lots of challenges. All the challenges are based on knowledge and information. We often feel that the world is changing so fast that we will be left behind if we do not learn any new knowledge. Knowledge can change human life. So more and more people realize the necessity of education, and in order to adapt to the society competition, education needs foster creativity. “In a survey of 21 countries, the counting ability of Chinese children ranked No.1, while imagination ranked at the bottom and creative ability ranked fifth from the bottom. ” Hence, Chinese students lack creativity is a hot issue. Further research about the reason of Chinese students lack creativity and other relevant issues will be showed in this paper.

Analysis of the issue
“In China, traditional education is exam-oriented. Teachers emphasize on basic knowledge and skill training, but the lack of cultivation of student’s creativity. ” This is one of the basic reasons for the problem. There are more reasons are listed below.

Too many students in a classroom Research shows that students in smaller classes perform better in all subjects and on all assessments than in larger classes. Besides,academic performance, students are more active in smaller classes. They are more likely to interact with the teacher rather than just listen during class. Also, teachers in smaller classes can focus on the difficulties that students may have and give response to
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