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ECED 1003-Emotional Development and Early Relations Prepared by Janet Foster 15% of Final grade Reflection to “Style of Caregiving”-Chapter 4 Grade: 15% Due Date: _____________¬¬¬___ 1. Styles of Caregiving: Think of two adults you know well, who have had a role in guiding your development and behaviour as a child or young teenager (could be a parent, teacher, relative, etc...). Showing two different styles, answer the following for each person: Person #1_ my mom_________________________________ (6 marks) 1. State and describe the type of discipline used, provide examples 2. Control out of our movement make sure we don’t stray My mom has an authoritarian style of discipline. She thinks she is guiding and advising me in her own good way while I did not feel it was the best parenting style for me. An example of that is when I was in my school years I used to struggle with school work and she would say “no problem you just stop studying, this is your limit and you should admit that this is the best you can do”. That would make me so angry and I would wonder why she is saying that to her daughter. When I grew up she acknowledged that it was her way to encourage me to study through reverse phycology, she thought by providing me with negative feedback I would work harder to prove her wrong. 3. Discuss the type of responsiveness & demandingness, provide examples My mother is high in demandingness, low in responsiveness It is hard to go back to the very early

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