Sugary Drinks Persuasive Essay

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In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg has announced a plan to combat the obesity crisis. The plan is to get rid of sugary drinks over 16 oz. from all fast foods joints, restaurants, theatres, food carts, etc. In theory is this a good idea on tackling the epidemic in America. This would prohibit the buying and selling of sugary drinks over 16 oz. Although many companies of said drinks would not agree with the mayor because it is restricted their use to sell their product. Countless research all over the world say that sugary drinks are a factor in obesity.
Sugary drinks as many would know is just a term for soda. Although multiple websites say consumption of soda is declining in the United States, it is still at a high of 1 out of 5 people. According …show more content…

The average person doesn’t know what they want. Things like this ban helps protect people from themselves and keeps them on a path of being healthy. There are many significant people in this country that are doing many things to stop obesity and Mayor Bloomberg has the right idea. This will also help pricing of soda. People will instead buy 6 oz. or lower, instead of going large for and extra thirty cents. If people were really dedicated about getting their soda fix, they would have to pay double or even triple to get over the ban limit. Buying multiple drinks of soda so they can rot their insides. They are paying to hurt themselves, and at that point you really know what you’re doing and why you’re responsible for your actions. Even if the result of this ban is minimal, at least it keeps people protected from themselves for drinking too much soda.
All in all, it is mostly companies that want the consumer to keep buying their products so they can make more money. They will pour in millions saying this ban will infringe your consumer freedom and how it keeps the market “unfair”. At the end of the day, the companies don’t care what you do with their product, only what you’ve spent to get it. They wouldn’t care if you’re obese. Mayor Bloomberg has the right idea of telling these companies no and hopefully this will lead to more options regarding obesity and how companies can’t get away with

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