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Sugary drinks top other drinks as most favorable by people today. These beverages contain refined sugar, essential sugar depleted of its naturally occurring vitamins and minerals due to much processing. On an average people drink at least two twelve-ounce cans of sugary drinks per day. Other people exceed that amount of consumption. While these beverages taste great, too much consumption of these drinks can put one 's health and possibly life in jeopardy. Many people in the world suffer from lifelong health and weight problems due to heavy consumption of sugary drinks, one of the main causes for this epidemic. If changes are not made many people will die! Is it not clear how dangerous this situation is? Our government should concern themselves …show more content…

Excessive consumption of sugary drinks results in obesity. Obese people make up about a quarter of the people in the world. Sugar tricks the body into gaining weight and changes insulin and leptin signaling. People gain weight when consuming more calories than their body burns. Cola is a popular sugary drink. One can of cola with a twelve-ounce serving has 140 calories, also known as empty calories since they do not bear any nutritional value. Drinking one can a day for four weeks matches ingesting 3,920 extra calories or gaining 1.1 pounds if the calories are not burned. Someone weighing 160 pounds would have to walk for twenty-seven minutes at 3.5 miles per hour in order to burn off the calories for that one can of soda. With unburned calories in the body, a person can gain more than twelve pounds at the end of the year. Sugary drinks can also disturb appetite signals. Fructose turns off the body 's appetite-control system. People’s bodies then fails to stimulate insulin, then fails to suppress ghrelin ,the hunger hormone, then fails to stimulate leptin ,the satiety hormone. This results in craving for more sugary foods and development of insulin

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