Summary: Lethal Injection

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What is the reason as to why this injection is labeled as lethal? Seeing from the different type of chemical that makes up these three injection is the reason to why it 's a lethal injection. Each state that employs lethal injection is legally required to have detailed protocols for its practice, and though the set of rules differ from state to state, the process of killing a condemned inmate varies little, and begins with the lethal injection team securing the inmate to a gurney and connecting him to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine that monitors heart activity. Inserted into the inmate 's veins are two intravenous lines (one as a backup) that lead out of a separate infusion room, where members of the intravenous team monitor the initial harmless saline drip. The reason for this is because each chemical is lethal in the amounts that is given to the inmate.…show more content…
There are three different types of chemicals that come with these three injections. First, there is sodium thiopental. Sodium thiopental is a barbiturate that renders the prisoner unconscious which would cause the inmate to pass out . The second injection is pancuronium bromide which is a relaxant that paralyzes the diaphragm and lungs which prevent them from breathing,also it paralyzes the entire muscle system. The third injection is potassium chloride which causes the victim to have a cardiac arrest. These are the main reasons why it is classified as a lethal injection, because it not just an injection that you can get but it something that can end your life . Lethal injections is one of the most used execution method that is known today about 32 states telling by the data of the rubric they had on “Death Penalty Information Center”. It seems as if the lethal injection method is easier to lay the prisoner to rest than other execution

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