Summary Of Across Five Aprils

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I choose to read the book, Across Five Aprils. It is an intense book that took place during the Civil War, while President Lincoln was in control. It starts with a boy named Jethro Creighton, who is the protagonist. At the beginning of the war Jethro thinks its going to be a demonstrative patriotism. At soon as it started his three brothers, his cousin, and a teacher of his go off to fight. His family were ashamed of one of his brothers named Bill because he chose to fight for the South. Many people in town realize what he did and they were angered. One day Jethro was walking home and he was stopped by Mr. Burdow, the father of the boy who killed Jethro's sister. They ride down town together, until Mr. Burdow explains that there were men trying to attack Jethro and his family because of his brother Bill, and his decision. …show more content…

They burned down Jethro's barn and put oil in their well. After, the Creightons found out that thier son Tom had passed away. Ross Militon, Jethros friend, wrote to the men that have been attacking them to back off because they were morning their child. So the attacks need to stop. Not after that Jethro's father had suffered a heart attack, so Jethro had to work in the field. One day Jethro went out to the field to work, and he heard a noise, he found his cousin Eb, who was supposed to be at war. Eb did not want to continue fighting, he believed he couldnt win the war. Jethro hid him and gave him blankets and food. Jethro wrote to the president and asked him for advice, Lincoln responded by telling Jethro that he, too, has been having issues about the war. In the end, when there was finally hope that the war was over and everything was going to be okay, President Lincoln was assassinated. Jethro endes up moving with Shadrach, his teacher, so that Jethro can continue his studies. The book took place on the farm of the Creighton family in rural southern Illinois during the American Civil

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