Summary Of Fast Food Nation

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The novel Fast Food Nation written by Eric Schlosser explains the monstrosity behind fast food and the secrets it holds. Schlossar talks about widely known fast food chains. He explains the secrets behind McDonald’s , Burger King, and other fast food restaurants you might eat on a regular basis. Fast Food Nation contains a detailed description of how these restaurants got started and what is inside those pre-heated hamburger, burrito, and french fries you are holding in your hand. Fast Food Nation is a well written (a bit boring) detailed book that may make you avoid fast food for a while. Fast food had been a part of our economy since 1919, some may even argue fast food created our economy. Without fast food we might not have restaurants we enjoy today. McDonald’s being the first fast food restaurant ever created, was originally a drive thru filled with teenage boys and young men. Later on McDonald’s decided to change their role and become a family oriented dine in restaurant. Carl’s Jr. (created in 1941) was invented by a man by the name of Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret, (originally a hot dog cart) expanded till it grew to become …show more content…

Schlosser shows us the secret between packaging plants, meat houses, and fast food restaurants. The meat in the burger you are holding right now was mass produced in factories and in disgusting environments. They also mistreat the animals in these plants as well. Brutality is shown as well as cruelty to animals. These factories are unsafe and put mostly put every living thing inside at danger. Workers have lost limbs, fingers, and have even died making the food everyone at your local McDonald’s are currently eating. One man has even fallen into a machine and was turned into a tub of lard. Safety did increase drastically over these couple of years but that doesn’t stop the fact that people still get injured or sickened by fast

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