Summary Of Leonard Pitt's 'Sometimes, The Earth Is Cruel'

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If you have read the writing piece by Leonard Pitts, "Sometimes, the Earth Is Cruel" then you will understand why they think they are being treated cruelly and unfairly. The "bad guy" in this scenario would be, plainly, Earth and the victim would be Haiti. It mostly focuses on Haiti and what has happened throughout the recent years but it is actually talking about all the poor countries that can't catch a break. Countries like, but not limited to, Congo, Niger, Burundi, Mozambique, and so much more. Being treated cruelly is willfully causing pain or suffering to others and/or feeling no concern about it. In this case the people of Haiti might think that the earth is willingly trying to cause them pain and suffering but the earth is just a planet so it just causes pain and suffering sometimes. Like Leonard said though, it is actually the people's fault. All these disasters and sufferings are all caused by "human hands, by human greed, human corruption, human economic and predation." It also says that "Sometimes, the earth is cruel" and it gets bad, it is bad, and we just have to deal with it and go on with our lives.

The earth does get bad, all because of everything that's been happening around the world. Earthquakes, like the Great Chilean Earthquake, occur sometimes with no sign of it happening until it has already started and most of the time that is too late. Tornadoes, ones which get 2.6 miles wide, …show more content…

Man is the reason why these things happen, most of the time. If man did this then we can redeem ourselves and instead of hurting more people and one another, we instead could give out our helping hand and do what is right. What would be right is in the eye of who is doing the task, but what is right, in my opinion, is giving back to those people who were affected. We just sit back and watch on our TVs and we feel sorry, but we don't do anything. Here's a chance to turn your life around, go help

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