Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel Analysis

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An analysis of Sometimes the Earth Is Cruel In the essay by Leonard Pitts "sometimes the earth is cruel" he talks about how in Haiti the people are constantly being hit by natural disaster on top of being one of the most poor countries in the world. Haiti in constantly being unstable because of political powers ignoring them. Haiti on top of being always hit by natural disasters are hit with disasters that are caused because of human greed, corruption, and economic predation of the nation. Yet these people at the end of the day they rebuild and go on with their lives they mourn and weep because they insist to live despite that the world and the cruel things it does to them.

Haiti is constantly being struck by bad luck and they had a 7.0 …show more content…

They get their houses destroyed time after time and yet they get a enough courage and want to rebuild everything, there are kind people that Pitts says that donate their money and there are times that when there are many injury that people even donate their blood. There are many people that get hurt when theses natural disasters hit there is not enough medical help or medical assistance to help people get better. Although there is a large chance that everything will be destroyed within months or if they are lucky years. Even though there are multiple people that come to help them recover and rebuild the area and provide health care for those in need. All the volunteers that come to help with out anything in return, and yet all theses people continue to help through all the natural disasters. The volunteers are a large part of how these haitians get the opportunity to rebuild their homes, this takes us back to the fact that it is sometimes cruel because the Haitians are given these lovely people that have given their time to help them

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