Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel By Leonard Pitt Summary

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An Analysis of The World's Cruelty
After reading journalist Leonard Pitt's article entitled, "Sometimes, the Earth is Cruel", I saw the disaster in Haiti in a whole new light. What is on the surface an article based on the terrible earthquake that shook Haiti on January, 12, 2010, is in actuality a riveting, eye opening piece of human re-evaluation. An article that looks beyond ordinary human conventions and presents a broad picture of who we truly are and how we truly operate. The overall theme, however, is present in the first line; Sometimes the earth is cruel and Leonard Pitts expresses this through his description of the Haitian people's actions after the earthquake, his language comparing the Haitian people with nature and his overall response to the way Haitian people responded to their unfortunate tragedy.

The first way Pitts expresses his message is his description of the Haitian people's actions after the earthquake. He writes that the Haitian people will first empathize their situation. Haiti is an extremely poor country as it is and it seems when they aren't being exploited by humans as a product of corruption, greed and economic predication, the earth itself …show more content…

This language is displayed in lines such as, "Sometimes the seas rise and smack the shoreline like a fist. Sometimes the wind bullies the land and sometimes the land rattles and heaves and splits itself in two. Sometimes, the earth is cruel." Pitt's also quotes a playwright in the line, "Your arms are to short to box with God." He essentially speaks on how life is like a bargain and to accept it is to experience the wonderful notion of living however with the inclination that comes with a price. Sadly, it seems the debenture the Haitian people have been subjected to has seen them paying the ultimate price many more times than anyone sitting on their couch or desk chair reading the

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