Analysis Of The Essay 'No Spanking, No Problems'

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In the essay “No Spanking, No Time-out, No Problems” the author uses several elements of non-fiction including Rhetoric, Issues at the core of Humanity, and Arrangement of topics and paragraphs to convey the points trying to be made by the author. To elaborate on these elements this essay will analyze who the author uses these elements and why they help convey the author’s points. The author addresses the controversial issues of disciplining one’s children by proposing alternative methods of dealing with the misbehaving children that everyone has or knows someone who has a misbehaving child. Positioning with others that believe that rewarding good is the way to go, the author on the issue of how a parent should raise and discipline one’s …show more content…

The way the author uses rhetoric in this essay as a way of strengthening the argument being made is excellent. The impact that the author gets by the use of rhetoric justifies that by using ethos the author can establishes credibility with the reader. Evidence that supports the author uses the lines “says Alan Kazdin, director of the Yale Parenting Center” (Khazan) to establish with the readers that they are not just reading an opinion paper from an individual not qualified to give reliable data such as a garbage man or a medical doctor. The author of the quote “The best way to reduce misbehavior is to provide abundant positive reinforcement for good behavior. Punishment in the form of unpleasant consequences might stop misbehavior, but it often has undesirable side effects.” (Psychology Today) sides with the author of the essay, and you can see that the issue on disciplining children split evenly right down a fine line between punishing bad and rewarding good (if you look between the outside sources that are in this essay), but the author from Psychology Today sides with Khazan and also uses rhetoric in the form of Pathos to help convey this common point that both authors share by saying you can try punishing bad behavior but it will have

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