The Pros And Cons Of Spanking

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Spanking is a form of discipline that parents use towards their children when they are doing something that is deviant. However there are both pros and cons when it comes to spanking a child. A study done by Murray Strauss was conducted to see if spanking increased antisocial behavior in children. A total of 807 mothers, with children ages 6 to 9, were chosen in the study (Strauss, Sugarman, & Giles-Sims, 1997). The results showed that 45% of mothers that spank their children do it around 2.1 times a week (Strauss, Sugarman, & Giles-Sims, 1997). As the years progressed and the spanking continued, Antisocial Behavior tended to worsen as well. The study also found that when parents reduced their tendency of spanking, Antisocial Behaviors tended …show more content…

Spanking can be effective when a child is not listening to a parent. If a child isn’t following proper rules and disregarding their parents’ statement, then a spanking can enforce a form of respect that the child has to follow (Jasmine, 2015). It can be an awakening to reality as the child could now think of how their actions are deviant. Parents that don’t resolve to spanking as the first and only method of discipline is essential for both the parents and the child. I believe a parent should always try to enforce rules by talking and showing examples of how deviant actions are frowned upon. If those options fail, then I think that a parent has a right to spank their child as long as it is rational. The only exception where spanking should come first is if a child is doing something that is life threatening such as playing with a wall outlet, or trying to eat a small toy. Then I think that spanking should be a first action because it will show the message that if they do that again, an immediate spanking could occur. Spanking is not a bad form of discipline when it is used correctly and children can benefit from it and learn what is right and what is

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