Spanking Argumentative Essay

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Would you say that spanking is appropriate? Many people say yes, because it has been used as a means of punishment for so long; however, more and more people are beginning to realize that corporal punishment may lead to even more problems in the future. Many factors can contribute to your opinion on spanking, such as your ethnic group and religion. For example, African Americans and people who translate the bible literally are more likely to use spanking as a means of punishment (206). There are many good arguments for both sides; however, it is clear that spanking is not necessary and can be avoided completely More people in the United States are beginning to realize how ineffective and dangerous spanking is. For example, it makes kids more violent and impairs prosocial behavior (206). Some people even go as far as calling spanking inhumane (2016). Also, many states have made it illegal to spank kids at school (206). However, most people still spank their children and would scoff at the idea of ever making this act illegal. Unlike the United States, some countries do not find spanking tolerable. 24 countries have even passed laws banning child corporal punishment (206). …show more content…

Of course, once the child is a little older they state that spanking should only be used if they are putting themselves or others in danger (206). Spanking should not be used to hurt your child, but only as a physical intervention (video). When you do spank your child, it is very important to explain to them why they are being punished (206). This is to ensure that the child knows why they are in trouble and, hopefully, keep them from doing it again. As stated earlier, most African Americans use spanking as punishment. One woman stated that she spanks her child to prevent him or her from having problems in the future with higher authority, such as

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