John Bowlby's Theory Vs Attachment Theory

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Attachment Theory versus Maslow’s Theory
JaLesa Byes
University of Alaska Anchorage

This developmental theories and parenting paper, I will examine my ideas for parenting tips using attachment theory and Maslow’s hierarchy. I will use both attachment theory and Maslow’s hierarchy to better understand my four key parenting tips:

No hitting
No abusive language
Understanding the importance of safe touch
Utilizing play to nurture a holistic child The Attachment Theory was observed by John Bowlby (1969). Bowlby’s theory consisted of three major findings (pp. #-#). In the first finding, Rene Spitz (1946) found that infants that were raised in a foundation such as an orphanage suffered in physical and emotional development even if …show more content…

Maslow’s Hierarchy is based on students in a school setting which includes an order that ranks students/ concepts from lowest to highest. Before meeting the higher levels of the hierarchy, humans must meet the lower levels first. The lowest levels of the hierarchy are four different levels of deficiency needs and the highest levels are three levels of growth needs.
The first lowest level of deficiency needs are Psychological needs such as food, water, shelter. When going through human development, if people are struggling with any of these psychological needs then there are programs to help support them. If kids aren’t provided with this in their primary environment, they may go to school to get this basic level of psychological needs.
The second is safety and security needs meaning no harm physically, mentally, or emotionally. The security portion is making sure that the feelings of anxiety are low of fears. An example of this is making sure that there is no bullying when a kid is at school, because this can lead to a variety of tragedy things that could happen with a child. 1,700 children in North America in the grades 2-9 feel endangered with their security and stressed out about …show more content…

Of course you will need to discipline your child, however “spanking” or hitting is not always the correct way to discipline a child.
No abusive language; no abusive language meaning no profanity, words that can affect self esteem in a negative way, or yelling. All children will go to through the stage of their life where they do not want to listen, or they just want to get on your nerves and see how you will react. You may react with a voice of irritation one time, however if this behavior between both you and your child is constant, take into consideration how will this affect the parent- child relationship and maybe why does the child keep doing it. Also, various ways to handle situations where your child may be irritating.
Understanding the importance of safe touch; many people may feel like their child needs to hug family members/ friends whenever they see them to show a form of love or respect. What happens when your child doesn't want to hug their uncle or family friend? If your child doesn’t feel the need or want to necessarily touch a family member or vice versa, it doesn’t have to happen and make sure to teach them that it’s okay if they don’t want to be touched or doesn’t want them touching them. This can possibly save a lot of

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