Summary Of Scratch Beginnings By Adam Shepard

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In “Scratch Beginnings” Adam Shepard spent time to show that anyone can achieve the American Dream if they work hard, have a good gameplan, and keep a level head along the way. The American dream is the ability to go from nothing, but then over time end up with something. This something consists of gaining money, luxuries, and to gain an upward social mobility. Adam Shepard showed that it is not easy to achieve the American Dream, but he worked hard and proved that anyone can get where they want to be in life. In the story, Adam Shepard started with 25 dollars and went to Charleston, South Carolina to start his life. He started in Crisis Ministries, which is a homeless shelter until he was able to get enough money to have his own home. He …show more content…

He started by working in bad jobs at low pay. He worked in construction and he worked in a mall store. He did the construction often and it was a low paying job, but the owner of that company later hired him to work on Sundays. He would pick up dog poop and do other things for the owner at a better pay. Adam Shepard did this until he stopped his journey and went back to his normal life. At the homeless shelter he met many friends and learned many experiences on what not to do and on which path to take. He had a counselor to help him make a goal and he learned how to balance his money right at the shelter. He learned how to shop smart at the dollar store. He bought low priced shirts, underwear,soap, and other goods at low prices and made sure he got his use of them before he went to get a new one. As time went on, Adam tried to go from place to place to find a better paying job where he would not have part of his wages cut. He went to Fast Company and demanded to talk to the manager and told him that he deserved the job and that the company needed him to work there. It was the first time that the manager had heard this before and Adam was hired shortly after. At first, Adam was put with bad movers and he was not very good at his job. But

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