Summary Of Sorry By Susan Shange

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Throughout all Shange’s book “For colored girls who have considered suicide/When the rainbow is enuf”, She works to give each woman a background whether it is a good or bad one, and then she uses the women’s backgrounds to help develop a story of how they found their courage to create a voice for themselves. The beginning of the poem, “Sorry” is interesting because it does not immediately start out with the lady in blue taking about how she was done with hear people say that they were sorry, it starts out with the other women in the book giving examples of how people have said that they were sorry in the past. In the poem it the lady in red says,” ‘now I know that ya know I love ya, but I ain’t ever gonna love ya like ya want me to love ya, I’m sorry’”. …show more content…

It is as if the lady in blue is crying out that she will no longer stand and wait for an apology, she does not need an apology because she is going to live her own life, without excuses from those she loved about how she was not good enough. After the lady and blue recognizes that she does not have to put up with the way people treat her, Shange writes,” They don’t open doors or bring the sun back…didn’t nobody stop usin my tears to wash cars cuz a sorry.” Here she not only realizes that the apologies that she receives will not help her in life, but she also in a way takes back her voice. She says,” didn’t nobody stop usin my tears to wash cars cuz a sorry” meaning that the many times she had gotten upset over a sorry, it never helped her create a better life for herself. Towards the end of the poem the lady in blue completely gains her voice when she says,” I’m gonna do exactly what I want to & I won’t be sorry for none of it.” Here the lady in blue is finally done and has decided to work on herself and creating her own

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