Summary Of The Novel 'Founding Brothers' By Joseph J. Ellis

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The novel “Founding Brothers” is written by Joseph J. Ellis, an American history professor at Mount Holyoke College. Ellis is a nationally recognized scholar of American history from colonial times through the early periods of the Republic. Furthermore, Ellis is the author of seven books and is also a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his book Founding Brothers. Having read the book Founding Brothers it is found Ellis educates his readers on numerous critical issues while exploring many evocative refrains related to the creation of the United States and also the important individuals involved in helping deliver this nation. During the 1970’s, Ellis emphasizes that this is the most decisive period in our nation’s history, which contains the greatest leaders of their generation. In addition, Ellis concentrates on the eight most prominent political leaders in the early republic. They are, Abigail and John Adams, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. Consequently, these founders arose together to define the New Republic and direct its passage for the pending centuries.
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In addition, I learned that our democracy was from the stimulating British monarchy with a goal of equality for all. With this in mind, none of what we have today as Americans would have been possible without our government and nothing would remain possible without our successful government. I also learned the American Revolution was a revolt against aristocracy. Lastly, I had no idea how hard these brothers fought for a sovereign nation before I read this novel. I also learned that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had a very tough relationship at the beginning of the Revolution. They both different personal viewpoints but ended up being the best of friends till their

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