Summary Of The Stolen Generation By Omayra Sanchez

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“Survival can be summed up in three words- never give up. That’s the heart of it really. Just keep trying,” (Bear Grylls). People go through many hardships in life that set them back, whether it is emotionally or physically. Sometimes they may give or other times they may keep fighting. The indigenous people of the stolen generations time period fought for the things they wanted and eventually they won. However, in the story of Omayra Sanchez, the young thirteen year old girl fought hard to escape the debris she was trapped under but could no longer fight and let go. Human life is a fight for survival, the fight to overcome an obstacle preventing one from existing. The Stolen Generations was a rough time period for Aboriginal people. They were forcibly removed from their families and went to camps where the would become more like the white community. In the text by NSDC, they state, “Children were being removed in order to...stop their parents, families and communities from passing on their culture, language and identity to them, (NSDC). This happened from the late 1800s and continued into the 1970s. People’s …show more content…

Sometimes the fight is given up after long hours of trying to survive. Omayra Sanchez was a young girl who lost her fight against survival. Omayra was stuck under layers of debris and dead bodies after a volcano erupted in Columbia. In “And of Clay Are We Created by Isabelle Allende, she states, “But on the night of that third day, beneath the unblinking forces of quartz lamps and the lens of a hundred cameras, Azucena gave up, her eyes locked with those of a friend who had sustained her to the end, (Allende 259). Omayra was fought three long hard days in faithful hope that they would find a way to recover her from the debris, but when she couldn’t physically keep fighting, her body gave up. Even though she didn’t survive her story is an empowering one that should be remembered because she

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