Summary Of Why We Fell For Clean Eating By Bee Wilson

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In "Why We Fell for Clean Eating", Bee Wilson reveals the truth about the conspiracies that have rapidly spread throughout the world about "Clean Eating" but in particular the United Kingdom. As well as exhibits how, clean eating has changed throughout the years.
Wilson introduces her article with a story about an Instagram blogger, Jordan Younger who became extremely ill and hospitalized from taking her own vegan cleanse program that she has sold to many who follower her on her social media. Far from being super-healthy she was suffering from orthorexia: a serious eating disorder. Younger's diet was causing her periods to stop and causing her skin to turn orange. After she announced on her social media that she was no longer vegan and confessing …show more content…

At first, eating clean meant more about modestly and homemade meals. Now, it is more about calorie counting. In the simplest, clean eating is about eating foods that are nothing but "unprocessed" and "whole" foods. Wilson explains that there're different views about what it really means. Now it is not only a way of eating but a belief system, which was the idea that the normal diets that any person would eat is "impure".
Following the explanation there were many critics attacking clean eating. Many said it was the reason for the increase in eating disorders, others believed that it was founded on bad science. Wilson shows the views from different food consultants and doctors that have written and studied about clean eating. They proved that many of the clean eating gurus who are from schools of clean eating have been founded on false …show more content…

All the artificial things that were added into the food as well as toxins. Putting many in a state of paranoia and seeking salvage. Therefore, creating company's like "The Pure Food Company" that created food with the best ingredients. Still many companies were put out of business due to lack of sales. Returning the world back to the ordinary food that has become noxious.
Wilson then goes on to explaining that clean eating was a dream of purity that could never come true in a toxic world. Many decades ago there were many who suffered from obesity that were searching for the best way to find a cure for their condition. Also, many were scared to get sicknesses that dealt with their dieting choices. With all the anxiety going on there came clean eating that provided many with a sense of reassurance.
The majority of clean eating had everything to do with making someone feel better about themselves. Making them feel as though if they do this then they will become more attractive and younger. Wilson is showing us that many people are insecure about themselves. Since this program makes promises that is you "eat this way and I will make you fresh and healthy again". Once this entered the realm of eating it was only a matter of time before the idea spread contagiously across social

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