Summary: The Government Should Legalize Illegal Immigration

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Immigration is to move to a foreign country because of education, permanent residence, or job and every country has different laws and requirements to accept immigrants. Thus legal immigration requires following certain immigration laws such as paperwork and documentation. Thus failing to fulfill all the requirements and paperwork makes a person an illegal immigrant. Illegal immigration has always been a problem all over the world, and it creates an adverse effect on the illegal immigrant as well as the country, but there are a number of reasons why every country should accept immigrants whether they are legal or illegal.

Despite some negative side effect of illegal immigration, immigrants contribute a lot for the economy, and legalizing them is …show more content…

As mentioned earlier almost every immigrant has his/her reason why they cannot go back to their country. A lot of immigrants prefer to stay in their countries of origin if things are going well for them back home, but the truth is a lot of stressful situations going in the world. For example, war and natural disaster and these people have no choice rather than migrating to foreign countries, and every country has a responsibility to accept those people and to fulfill their basic needs. According to the article “The Trump administration may be deporting the good ones” , even if the new government claims that they are only deporting illegal immigrants with a criminal record, they are arresting unauthorized immigrants without criminal records. This is against human right, and it shows the new administration does not care about people who need protection from their government, war, and natural disaster. There are so many undocumented immigrants who do not have a stable country to go, so the government should give them protection by improving its immigration

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