Summary: Wellness In Chronic Illness

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Wellness in chronic illness is the topic for this discussion board. A chronic illness can potentially cause limitations in quality of life, productivity, functionality status, and worsening overall health ("Living well with chronic illness," 2012). Despite these negative aspects a chronic illness can bring, I believe that a chronic illness does not need to define an individual, and that wellness with a chronic condition are not to be considered an oxymoron. Self-management of chronic illness can impact the wellness of an individual. Teaching the individual to manage, treat, and identify problems with the illness that may arise gives responsibility to the individual that is affected (Gready & Gough, 2014). Having self-management and responsibility also gives independence. Independence allows an individual to live as they choose. This puts a person in charge of their life and health which promotes wellness. …show more content…

I have had it since I was a small child. Over the years, I have learned triggers that cause my asthma to flare up and I know the treatment needed when it does. I have researched maintenance medications and in collaboration with my pulmonologist, we have found a maintenance regime that works well for me. Although I have a chronic lung condition, I describe myself as healthy, and do not let asthma define me as sick or unhealthy. I have a responsibility to myself to stay healthy. I focus on keeping my “lungs strong”, as I say. I work out regularly and focus a good portion of my work outs on cardiovascular training. For me, self-management puts the control in my hands. I choose to be healthy and not rely only on medications to manage my illness. Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and to be proactive instead of reactive to my condition allows me to stay healthy and have wellness in a chronic

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